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I specialize in helping organizations reach and motivate their customers and stakeholders more effectively especially where the subject matter is complex, new, or challenging.

Ive been at it for more than 25 years, serving clients from IBM to Pearson Education, Verizon to Philips, Siemens to Barnes & Noble. Ive been called upon to explain everything from advanced Internet technologies to complex financial instruments to leading-edge medical devices. Ive written just about everything there is to write: from web copy to white papers, sales proposals to case studies, brochures to presentations, interactive training materials to software documentation.

Along the way, Ive learned how to help you connect with a wide range of audiences -- including executive decision-makers, technical professionals, resellers and corporate salespeople, entrepreneurs, business and consumer end-users, and many others.

My broad experience helps me ask the right questions, use your time efficiently, and get your assignment done right the first time. Im flexible and easy to work with -- and I can be trusted to speak with your colleagues, executives, and customers.

If youd like to know more about me -- or if youd like my thoughts on shaping a project (no obligation, obviously) please email me. And thanks, once more, for taking the time to stop by.